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​​It's already been ​so time consuming trying to find ways to improve your chances of IVF success​.  So far you have found conflicting, mismatching and sometimes down right misleading information that never seems to address YOUR problem.  You want to find diet tips, more about the IVF process and some good success stories but with all the information that is out there it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

​I provide only proper scientific evidence based research​, so you know it's ​ excellent quality.  No wasting time here.  Take some of the trial and error out of it and know that you are doing all you can to improve egg quality, implantation and the chance of that positive test result for your next cycle.

​Rebecca Atkinson

​Three IUI's, three IVF's, one FET, a natural pregnancy and ​two perfect babies.  I got increasingly frustrated at wasting time ​looking for ways that I could try ​to ​swing 'luck' my way a little more.  With each month passing by and only ever one line on a home pregnancy test to show for it I started Fertility Fact Checker. 

I've spent hundreds hours ​trawling through ​scientific articles trying to determine if the latest 'tip' is fact or fiction. ​Using skills from my ​science degree and from my experience working as an occupational therapist and hospital case manager, I ​hope you find the information here makes your journey a little quicker and easier.  ​ ​


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