We are patients.  But we are still in control of some things.

Yes.  Whether or not a round of IVF or IUI is going to succeed is largely out of our hands.  There are so many factors at play that we have no control over.  But there are also some factors that we can control.  It is up to us to know what these factors are and modify them so that whether it is a BFN or a BFP at least we can know we have done all we can.

Using peer reviewed, scientific journals I've researched the most effective strategies you can easily implement to improve your chances of IVF by improving egg quality, implantation rates and the chances of that take home baby.  This is an easy to read, comprehensive, TOTALLY FREE guide of over thirty pages - you don't have to read it all (though I recommend you do!), just pick and choose which risk factors apply to you.

  • See how the everyday things you do can affect your egg quality
  • Evaluate the evidence and see for yourself how your risk factors make a difference
  • Find the motivation to change your risk factors before your next cycle
  • Look back with no regrets and know you have tried everything you could​

Each strategy aims to improve egg quality, implantation rates and overall IVF success rates and is:

  • Easy to Start
  • Researched
  • Evidence Based
  • Referenced
  • Interesting
  • Motivating

I have also included more about my story and so you can see some of the changes put into action, have included a checklist of the changes I made.

Remember!  Every woman is different and every cycle is different.  Whilst I believe that each strategy is just good practice, it is important to discuss your individual situation with your fertility specialist before making any changes.

I know you'll find the guide interesting, informative and ultimately helpful.  Good luck!!

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